Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boho - To Read, or Not to Read... Not to Read

So, I was in Borders the other day browsing the magazine racks and came across the winter 2009 edition of "Boho". This magazine is an indie style publication focused on being green and living a sustainable, yet fashionable lifestyle. Editor-in-chief Gina La Morte (also founder of  ) created this magazine and is based out of New Jersey. (

I liked their section recycled, restyled, reused. It had alot of cool ideas and art pieces people have done using old objects. For example, a company called Knobstoppers turns old vintage door knobs into wine corks. I would use this section as ideas for DIY projects that you can tackle yourself, as alot of them are very expensive. Especially for a college senior, like myself. Actually, most of the products in the magazine were rather expensive. Out of my price-range most definitely. However, I also enjoyed their Beauty-full section directed at green beauty products and home accents like candles.  Some of my favorites were:

2oz tin - $7.90


On the other hand - I found many negative aspects of this magazine which will deter me from buying future issues. First of which: there were multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes, which to me seems amateur and unprofessional. One was a blatant mistake and to me, that shows that this was not thoroughly edited. Secondly, upon looking up the Korres Lip Saver Roll (Listed above) the blurb in the magazine is word for word the description used on the Sephora website. Now, I'm not sure what the rules would be as far as plagiarism would go, because they do list Sephora as the place to buy. But if you're writing your own magazine, you'd think you would be able to come up with a description on your own.  Plus, if you subscribe to this magazine you only get four issues for  $20.00. Why would you pay that much for  spelling errors and  copy & paste from other websites in a magazine that is stuffed with their own house ad's? Not for me.

My overall verdict: Flip through it at Borders but don't bother wasting your money. It's an amateur publication that looks like it was put together by college freshmen.

Girls, You're fabulous!

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