Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Healthy Snack: Peach Salsa

Hello fellow Foodies -
(I don't know if I've earned "foodie" status yet... We'll pretend)

Today, I finally sucked it up and went grocery shopping. I think I find every excuse in the world to avoid doing a big grocery shop.... Uhh.. the trees are too green today - Can't go to the grocery store... whoops!

So I piled on my shopping armor (aka re-usable bags, my list, a pocket full of coupons, and my own personal cart pusher - Birdy) and raided the isles of both Price Chopper and City Market. (Hey - you have to hit the sales at both places to really help your wallet!)

When all of a sudden I had a hankering for something sweet and savory and happened upon this little gem:

Newman's own Chunky Peach Salsa
Plus, I have just recently been educated on this brand thanks to a friend of mine, Kelly Flynn. (Twitter: @Misskellyflynn) Newman's own uses all natural ingredients (not organic, however but that's okay.) and donates all... i repeat ALL proceeds to charity. Plus they do a a few other philanthropic campaigns, such as creating camps for children with illnesses and life threatening diseases. So not only are their products good, but more importantly they benefit the common good. For more info - Check out their website or give kelly a holla.
Also here is a link to their online coupons - you can save $.50 on their salsa!

Other (healthy*) bargains I found in the Isles today included:
  • Miguels white corn tortilla chips are on sale at City Market for $1.79
  • Cabot yogurt is on sale at Price Chopper for $.69 each
  • Cascadian Farms frozen vegetables at City Market for $1.99
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters whole bean coffee at Price Chopper for $5.99
Saving money just makes it all taste better.


Spring Snow

Snow in April?

Picture of tulips @ Champlain College Campus
Picture taken with my mobile phone

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Finds for Friday

Love this "upcycled" Cork necklace from Etsy shop: Uncorked
Love these yellow fingerless gloves from Etsy store: aandboriginals
"what's the point of gloves with no fingers?" you may ask... I don't know, texting? Who cares, they are a cute accessory.

I thought these dress forms from PB Teen used to hang long necklaces, scarves or even used as a bulletin board would add an interesting element to a bedroom or home office. I'm sure if you hunted you could find one at an antique shop or flea market for cheaper. I used PB Teen to relay the concept.

I have been seeing old card catalogs pop up in a number of different places for use around the home. Small ones to use in an entryway as a catchall or for mail storage to this fantastic idea from Apartment Therapy - Boston. They used this large one as a make shift wine cellar. L-O-V-E.
Now...where to store the boxed variety?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Nice Surprise

flowers birdy got me 'just because'. i have such a thoughtful... on Twitpic