Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Finds for Friday

Love this "upcycled" Cork necklace from Etsy shop: Uncorked
Love these yellow fingerless gloves from Etsy store: aandboriginals
"what's the point of gloves with no fingers?" you may ask... I don't know, texting? Who cares, they are a cute accessory.

I thought these dress forms from PB Teen used to hang long necklaces, scarves or even used as a bulletin board would add an interesting element to a bedroom or home office. I'm sure if you hunted you could find one at an antique shop or flea market for cheaper. I used PB Teen to relay the concept.

I have been seeing old card catalogs pop up in a number of different places for use around the home. Small ones to use in an entryway as a catchall or for mail storage to this fantastic idea from Apartment Therapy - Boston. They used this large one as a make shift wine cellar. L-O-V-E.
Now...where to store the boxed variety?

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