Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Local Bar Review: Das Bierhaus, Burlington, VT

Das Bierhaus is Burlington's only German style restaurant/bar. Check out their website here.Birdy and I went to one of their soft openings a few months back, just to check the place out; we liked it and thus decided to go back and bring a few of our friends along! It is set back down an alleyway just before Big Daddy's through a large gate, which only seems slightly sketchy.

This German "Ski Chalet" offers quite the assortment of authentic German beer. This night we went I had had a very long day at work and my legs were feeling like wet noodles, so i needed a beer that was super drinkable (not that I was chugging it or anything..... okay - you caught me). After perusing their mid-sized selection, I chose the Weihenstephan (pronounced vaugh-shte-fawn - yeah I know, I wouldn't have known either if I didn't ask) Original, a Munich Helles Lager, which will run you anywhere from $4-$6 depending on the size you choose. It was everything you might imagine a beer to be. Crisp taste, golden color, plus it came in a huge mug. The menu described it as the quintessential lager brewed in century old tradition plus, it's from the oldest brewery in the world - just a little tidbit for your "useless knowledge i might need for Trivia night" file). Fill up my das boot, yahh.

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The bar itself isn't huge, the second floor is lined with booths in the front, the bar is in the center, and the far side has a large flat screen TV and a huge (comfortable) sectional couch. The only complaint I have is that standing room is awkward. I have yet to go on their rooftop biergarten or eaten the food at their lower level restaurant which I hear is delish and stocked with all kinds of German delicacy - Birdy said the pretzels and hot mustard are awesome.
Their waitstaff is great, I might add. We has a cocktail waitress decked out in her drndle who was FAB! Her name is Julie and she is super nice, remembers your orders, and is quickly back with arms full of beer. My kinda girl!
I did like that it is a place where you can hear people talk, and you can take someone to actually "go get a drink and relax", as compared to "let's go get a drink and end up singing kareoke with that homeless guy at JP's."
So, in conclusion, in my neverending search for a great place to unwind and have a really good beer after work on (my) scale from 1-10 (one being RJ's, 10 being Flatbread) I would lock it in around an 7 or an 8. Their ranking may go up after I indulge in some schnitzel...i mean....
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The last little piece of info I have that would make me recommend this bar is the fact that they have Dyson Airblades for hand dryers in the bathroom. Those things are fantastic. They dry your hands in legit like three seconds. I washed my hands three times just to use it. If you're not into beer and don't think Das Bierhaus would be your scene, at LEAST go once and check this crazy thing out.

Weds - Sat 5:00pm

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