Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't You Just Love A Bargain!?

It's no secret, the Christmas Tree Shop and I have a very serious long term relationship. Sorry, Birdy. Some of you may think it's just a store full of junk (and shame on you!) but if you take your time and really look around you can find some great bargains. I know some of you must feel the way I do - ahem - Rachel Lefave! (She aspires to one day be one of those women on their commercials "And look! it's only 3.99!")
Anyways, also in an effort to become a pinch more environmentally friendly, I bought these large mason jars to store all my baking ingredients and my coffee beans. With such easy access to bulk ingredients (such as flour, white and brown sugars etc.) just down the street at City Market, now I can run down with my jar, and fill up. No more coughing through clouds of flour when you tear a bag open!

The large Jars were each $3.99 and the medium size were $2.99 so I bought two of each. I also have an assortment of small mason jars to store spices and the like, which are also relatively cheap. Jars like these can be used all around your house to eliminate clutter, create uniformity, and I just think they look really cool. Another fabulous find - Thank you Christmas Tree!

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